Vinyl lettering adds beauty to walls with Wall Words custom vinyl lettering.

Custom Wall Lettering Adds Beauty to Home Decor

Whether you are considering redecorating your office, home, or business there is a good chance that decorative signs, clocks, and wall words can help you achieve the look you desire.  Whether you want an elegant, professional, or fun look, you can achieve an expensive hand stenciled look without spending a fortune.  How, you might ask?  By utilizing vinyl wall lettering, often referred to as “wall words.”  Wall lettering really is great for decorating any space in your home, and doesn’t have to be applied only to walls, but can be used to create great decor pieces such as decorative signs, or decorative tiles.  However, it is wonderful, and is most commonly used to add words to walls.  This is not only due to how beautiful a well placed quote can be, but because wall lettering doesn’t damage walls, and is less expensive and time intensive than painting – making it the perfect choice for those who rent, or have temporary office space.

People are often astonished at how versatile vinyl lettering can be in regards to home décor and interior design. In fact, there are so many uses for vinyl lettering in home décor that it would take us days, and over a hundred pages just to begin.  However, for those who are new to the idea of using vinyl letters for interior design and crafting, we have listed 5 of the most common ways you can use vinyl to achieve beautiful home decor and craft projects.

  1. Break Up Space With A Border – Another great way to use custom vinyl lettering is to use it as a border.  Whether you choose a graphic type lettering kit, such as flowers, vines, or shapes, or have a border made of words, one thing is for certain – the border will bring a certain charm to the room that you could have never imagined.  Whether you put a border around the top of a childs room (using the words of a favorite children’s song), or put a grape vine border around the chair rail in the dining room, your border is sure to be a hit.
  2. Words That Inspire – You can create the atmosphere you want in any room with a custom quote on one of the walls. This is the most well known use of vinyl lettering in home decor, often referred to as “wall words.” A thoughtfully placed quote can soften the mood in a room, or invoke whatever emotion you seek.  Don’t underestimate the power of words in your decor.
  3. Keep Tabs On Your Dishes — If you’ve every attended a BBQ with friends and family, and lost that special baking dish you loved, then you know how important it is to label things.  Many people defile their glass baking dishes by resorting to a “Sharpie” permanent marker to label their dishes.  However, few consider that you can use vinyl lettering as a stencil, and some inexpensive glass etching cream, to etch a permanent, and beautiful label on any glass baking dish.  Not only will people know who the dish belongs to, but they’ll think you must have spent a fortune (Shhh, it’s our secret).  Etched baking dishes also make a great wedding gift for the couple just starting out.
  4. Signs & Banners — While vinyl lettering is great for home decor inside the home, it can also be used to create banners and signs as well.  You can order vinyl banners online, and add vinyl lettering to them to create a very nice banner.  We did this for our son’s baseball team after they won the state championship. You should have seen my son’s face to come back from the state tournament to a congratulatory banner hanging in the front yard (I think he still has it hanging in his room).  Also, we’ve used vinyl lettering to create nice garage sale signs on foam board.  They’re durable, don’t get blown away like poster board does, and stand up to the elements.  As you can see, what you can achieve with vinyl lettering is only limited by your own creativity
  5. Give Them Something To Look At — Another great use for vinyl lettering in home decor is by using wall lettering to accent a photo wall.  Few things break up a cluster of photos, and draw the eye to them as does a beautiful quote about family, friends, etc.  Most manufacturers have pre-designed quotes specifically intended for this purpose, but you can always get creative and design your own.  The only limit to what you can do with vinyl lettering is that imposed by your own creativity.

Of course, these are only a few of the ways you can utilize vinyl lettering in decorating your home or office.  However, these ideas will hopefully jumpstart your imagination and get you considering all of the many ways you can use vinyl lettering in your home decor.

In your quest to find the right vinyl lettering, there are many choices available online.  Many companies will customize vinyl lettering for you, but one thing to consider is the quality of the vinyl as not all vinyl is created equal.  So, choosing a well established and reputable company is important to ensure you get a quality result. For information on buying vinyl lettering online, or for custom design help, visit


Inspiration On Demand

June 14, 2010

Inspirational Sign Made With Vinyl Lettering

Inspirational Sign Made With Vinyl Lettering

Most people love to be inspired, and there come time in all of our lives when we just need that gentle reminder of who we are, what our values are, or what goals we have set for ourselves. One thing that seems to work well for most people is to have a custom inspirational sign made that can be displayed on a dresser, desk at work, or anywhere where it will act as a reminder of your goals, values, and ideals.

The sign in this images came as a result of a need to be reminded that tough times act to strengthen character, and refine you as a person. The beautiful thing about building your own inspirational sign, is that it is made just for you, and will therefore act to inspire and remind you of your ultimate purpose or goals.

To create a custom sign like this, you just need a small piece of wood (this one is 8″x8″), some acrylic paint, and some custom vinyl lettering. Just paint the sign (distress the edges with a sanding block if you like that look), let the paint dry, and apply your vinyl letters. You can order vinyl lettering online, and Wall Stamps has a great selection of inspiration quotes that are pre-designed, or you can create your own custom phrases as well.


Wedding Monogram - Vinyl Wall Lettering

Monograms are in! To be honest, they never really went out of style. Monograms have been, and will likely continue to be popular in all types of design circles, especially within the realm of interior design. Monograms can be created to create any type of look you want, from classy to spunky, elegant to fun. Whatever your taste in decor, a monogram can be created to add just the right touch of personality to any room in your home.

One type of monogram that has been gaining in popularity is the wedding monogram, which features a couples names and wedding date. Often, these monograms take advantage of multiple colors, using a dark color in the background, and a lighter color overlay (or vice versa). While it’s the norm to install these monograms on a family photo wall, they also make great decorative tiles and signs. The decorative tiles are great wedding or anniversary gifts.

Whatever you’re trying to create, if you want to create it with vinyl letters, we can help. You can buy vinyl lettering on our website, We have pre-designed wall lettering or decorative tile lettering kits, or we’re happy to help you create something custom from scratch. For more information about purchasing vinyl lettering, please email us at

While strolling around the internet, I always like to share interesting articles I find about things I’m interested in. Last week I found some great articles on Squidoo about home decor, specifically in regard to the use of vinyl lettering in home decor, and accessories. I thought I’d share them with you.

Decorating a Child’s Room with Monograms

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All of these articles discuss application, and methods for using vinyl wall lettering, and wall words in your home decor.  If you’d like to know more about the use of vinyl letters in your decorating, or where to buy vinyl lettering, please visit Wall Stamps.

Holiday Vinyl on Fireplace Mantle.

Holiday Vinyl on Fireplace Mantle.

One thing I love about vinyl lettering is the ability to decorate in a unique fashion for every holiday. Since it’s so inexpensive to do, you can do something new every year, and then simply remove the lettering after the holiday. It’s that simple. There are a lot of ways you can use vinyl letters in your holiday decor, either by creating home decor items you can use year after year, or by creating temporary decor that is simply removed and discarded after the holidays are over.

We have decorated for halloween by putting little vinyl bats all over the walls of the entry way, or put some vinyl mistletoe on the ceiling right inside the door. This year, we put a big red “Merry Christmas” on the outside of the door, as well as a little lettering on the mantle above the fireplace. Wall stamps has a great selection of holiday vinyl, or you can always bring your own ideas to life by placing a custom vinyl lettering order. Either way, vinyl wall lettering is a great way to decorate for the holiday without spending a lot of time or money. To buy vinyl lettering, please contact, or visit our website,

Floating letters spell the word "Family."

Floating letters spell the word "Family."

I found a bunch of nice looking picture frames on clearance at a dollar store (yes, clearance at a dollar store…unheard of, I know). They ended up being about 50 cents each, so I bought all they had. There were a lot of different sizes, so I wondered how I might use them. A few weeks ago, however I decided to utilize them to decorate a family photo wall, but not by putting pictures in them. Instead, I turned them into beautiful floating frames using vinyl lettering, which, when combined, featured the word “family.”

I used a new design of ours, FA032, and cut the word family into individual vinyl letters, each one a different size. Then, I simplyl put each individual letter on one frame. When all the odd sized frames combined, they spelled the world family, and having each letter on different frames gave our photo wall just the touch of personality I was hoping for.

Personalized Christmas gift for teachers.

Personalized Christmas gift for teachers.

If you’re the typical mom, you struggle each year finding the right Christmas gift for your children’s teather. Amidst the hustle and bustle of the holidays, it can be difficult to find a gift that is economical, functional, and shows that you actually put some thought into it. Last year we made 6″ decorative tiles using vinyl lettering, with a quote about teachers. This year, however, we made customized pencil holders that turned out to be really cute!

What you need:

  • Small Glass Jar (I got these at Walmart)
  • Some ribbon (I chose red because it’s a Christmas gift)
  • Some pencils (Got these at the dollar store)
  • Custom Vinyl Lettering (available at

First, you have to get your glass jars, so you know what size of vinyl lettering to get. I got glass jars that were about 4×4″ square. Next, you need to get your custom vinyl letters to put the design on the glass. If you email, she can make the lettering to fit whichever glass container size you select (but it’s better not to go smaller than 4×4).

After you have your vinyl, you simply affix it to the glass jar. Tie the ribbon around the top, and fill it full of pencils. Now, you have a gift that was economical, thoughtful, and sure to get lots of use and attention by your child’s teacher.

Finished floating frame with vinyl lettering.

Finished floating frame with vinyl lettering.

While there are so many things you can do with custom vinyl lettering, many people only use it for their walls, or for making decorative signs. In this post, I’ll show you another way to use custom vinyl letters to build a truly one of a kind home decor piece – a beautiful floating picture frame.

If you’ve never seen a floating picture frame before, I’ve posted an image of a finished one here. The floating frame can be used to house wedding pictures, family pictures, or just about anything you want it to be. The one pictured here highlights a family picture, along with a list of family values. As you can see by the finished image, this is a beautiful home decor piece, that would make an excellent gift.

Attaching the vinyl lettering to the frame.

Attaching the vinyl lettering to the frame.

The vinyl lettering is used to give the frame a little bit of personal charm, highlighting both the family name, and the established date.

If you’d like to create one of these beautiful frames, you can get step by step instructions at U Create, located here.

Fun Kids Monogram

Fun Kids Monogram

One of the hardest rooms to decorate is a childs room, especially if you’re renting, and cannot paint. However, with one simple step you can transform a plain children’s room into a fun, fantastic wonderland that your children will love using vinyl lettering. Kids love to see their name, so why not give them a fun kids monogram that they’ll love. Not only will it make the room come alive, but the kids will love it, and with wall lettering it’s inexpensive and simple to do, without the need to paint. Monograms made of vinyl letters, are great for those renting, or who do not want to paint, because they’re simple to install, and are just easy to remove when you’d like to take them down, and they won’t damage your painted walls.

Kids monograms can be done in a traditional fashion, or in a fun and frilly style to match your childs personality. If your child is into princesses, then use a fun princess type font. If your child is into pirates, then use a pirate style font, such as Caribbean, or Pirates 1. Also, you can make them two tone, like the one shown here. The bottom line is that, with a little creativity, you can create a fun wall words monogram for your child’s room without spending a lot of time or money on it.

Custom Monogram of Vinyl Lettering

Custom Monogram of Vinyl Lettering

One thing people ask us about on a consistent basis is whether or not we can do custom monograms using vinyl lettering. Vinyl wall lettering monograms can add a lot of beauty to any room in your home. If you’re not familiar with what a monogram is, amonogram is a motif made by overlapping or combining one or more letters form one symbol. Monograms are often made by combining the initials of an individual or a company, used as recognizable symbols or logos. A series of uncombined initials is properly referred to as a cypher and is not a monogram, although ciphers are frequently referred to as monograms. An individual’s monogram is often a very fancy piece of art for adorning luggage, clothing, and so forth. Monograms of the names of monarchs are used as part of the insignia of public organizations in kingdoms, such as on police badges.

However, monograms, in the sense that we refer to them, are letters, that generally represent someone’s initials, specifically in regard to their last name. We have made custom monograms for people to cover a wide variety of uses, including installing vinyl letters monograms on:

  • Mirrors
  • Shower Doors
  • Picture Frames
  • Wedding Scrap Books
  • Picture Walls
  • Decorative Tiles
  • Decorative Signs
  • Bedroom Walls (above headboard)
  • Etc.

While these are the traditional uses of monograms made from custom vinyl letters (sometimes referred to as wall words), there are literally hundreds of ways you could use a monogram to decorate your home, adding a touch of style, class, and personality to anything you do. We have even made monogram stencils that people can use to etch their pyrex glassware.

If you would like to know more about installing a monogram, or having a custom monogram made of vinyl wall lettering, just contact us at, and we’re happy to assist you.